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Teaching Vocabulary

How to teach vocabulary through both implicit and explicit instruction.

Preparing to Teach an ELA Unit

A guide to approaching the Unit Prep section of our ELA units (Grades K-5).

Internalizing an ELA Lesson

The steps teachers should take to internalize and plan a lesson from our ELA curriculum (Grades K-5).

Teaching Annotation

How to teach annotation while promoting reading strategies and helping students comprehend the text.

Instructional Routines

A guide to the different instructional routines teachers can use to teach ELA lessons (Grades K-5).

Reading Routines

A guide to the different reading routines teachers can use to have students engage with the text (Grades 2-5).

Our Approach to Foundational Skills

How to incorporate foundational skill instruction into our ELA program (Grades 3-5).

A Guide to Narrative Writing

How to incorporate narrative writing into our ELA program (Grades 3-5).

A Guide to Literary Analysis Writing

How to incorporate literary analysis writing into our ELA program (Grades 3-5).

A Guide to Informational Writing

How to incorporate informational writing into our ELA program (Grades 3-5).

Our Approach to Independent Reading

How to incorporate Independent Reading into our ELA program (Grades 3-5).

A Guide to Supporting English Learners

A guide to supporting English learners in your classroom.

A Guide to Assessments

How to administer and analyze assessments within our ELA program (Grades K-5).

Guide to Supplemental AP Projects

How to incorporate supplemental AP Projects into our English 12 curriculum.

A Guide to Academic Discourse in ELA

How to prepare and lead academic discourse in the ELA classroom (Grades 3-8).

Prepping Unit Vocabulary

Guidance on how to select priority vocabulary words before teaching a unit.

Our Approach to Meeting a Range of Learners

How we incorporate supports to meet a range of learners in our ELA program (Grades 3-5).





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