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Our Approach to Curriculum

Welcome to Match Fishtank, where you can view, share, and download the curriculum we use every day at Match Charter School, the PreK-12 public school that we opened 15 years ago in Boston.

These materials have been developed and curated by our teachers and curriculum experts over many years.

At Match, we think teachers should spend more time planning how to teach — with the unique learning needs of their students in mind—and less time worrying about the basics of what to teach. Good baseline curriculum and assessments free teachers to do just that.

Match Fishtank is our effort to share our curriculum with teachers everywhere to lessen their load and help them on the road to amazing classroom learning.


Watch this video to learn more about our approach to curriculum development and what you will find on Match Fishtank.

About Match

Match Charter Public School is a high-performing public school serving students in grades PreK through 12 in Boston.

Our students are similar demographically to students in Boston’s conventional district public schools: 15% of our students have special needs, 35% are English Language Learners, 52% qualify for public subsidies (such as food stamps), and 92% are Black or Hispanic.

Our students’ academic ability and results — as measured by standardized assessments, SATs and AP exams — is often on par with their peers in wealthy communities. In 2016, 100% of our high school graduates were accepted to college. We have one of the lowest student attrition rates of any public school in Boston. Click here to learn more about our students, their results and our commitments to them.

Match Fishtank shares the lesson plans, unit plans, course assessments and related curriculum documents we use in our school. These materials are living, breathing works in progress. We use them daily and will update them here periodically.

Our curriculum is widely relevant to teachers across the US, particularly those who share our commitment to rigorous, standards-driven and college-ready instruction. We believe that our curriculum is appropriate for students and school settings of all types and that it is well-designed for the specific learning needs of students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. For example, our English curriculum makes frequent use of texts that relate directly to the diverse cultures, races, and backgrounds of our students.

From our public charter school in Boston, from our Graduate School of Education that we run in parallel with our school, and from all our work at Match Education, we seek to share our knowledge and practices with educators everywhere.

For more on our work to disseminate what we are learning, check out Match Minis, a website that shares via short, animated videos what we are learning about teaching and coaching teachers.

The Curriculum Team

Match has a team of experienced educators who serve on our curriculum team. Their job is to ensure that our curriculum — from grades K through 12 — is aligned against standards and builds seamlessly from one grade to the next. This team has developed and curated the materials you find on Match Fishtank.


Throughout the curriculum development process, our curriculum team draws inspiration from educators inside and outside of Match. We would like to acknowledge the incredibly hard work of Match teachers who teach the curriculum shared on this site and help us continuously improve the course materials. We are also grateful to the other schools and education organizations that make their curriculum freely available. Throughout the course materials on this site, you will see frequent references to resources created by others outside of Match. We have tried to acknowledge our reliance on outside materials wherever that occurs. We welcome users to draw from and use our materials in the same way.