Pinky and Rex

Lesson 2


Describe Pinky and Rex’s relationship by using details from the text to describe characters and character relationships.

Readings and Materials

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Target Task


Describe Pinky and Rex’s relationship.

Mastery Response


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Key Questions


  • Why does the author put certain words in italics? (Continue to spiral this.)

  • Describe Pinky's toys and how he feels about them. What does this show us about Pinky?

  • Describe Rex's toys and how she feels about them. What does this show us about Rex?

  • Read the sentence from p. 15. "Does she have to go with us?" Rex whispered. How does this build onto the ideas from chapter 1? What additional details does the author include to show how Pinky and Rex feel about Amanda?

  • The chapter ends by saying, "We have to have everything the same...we're best friends." Is this true? Explain why.




Lesson Guidance

Text Complexity Analysis

  • Language features: Similar to chapter one, a lot of what we learn about each character is in the character’s dialogue. The author includes dialogue tags to help a reader infer how a character is feeling. Model how to read dialogue with expression to match character’s feelings and actions. This should be a focus of all remaining lessons. 
  • Vocabulary: In this chapter Pinky counts all of his animals. The names of different types of animals are often hard to decode and unfamiliar to students. Students can either use the pictures as support, or preview the different types of animals with students. Rex also refers to specific types of dinosaurs, which can be previewed with students. 

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Common Core Standards

  • RL.2.3 — Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.

  • RF.2.4 — Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.