The Great Gatsby

Lesson 7


Evaluate Fitzgerald’s use of foreshadowing and symbolism in the final chapters of the novel.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Writing Prompt

What is Fitzgerald’s message in these final chapters of the novel? Explain.

Key Questions


  • Where in chapter 7 did you see Gatsby’s capacity for hope?

  • Track the author’s use of foreshadowing to develop the tension in these final chapters.

  • How does Nick view Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy? How do you know?

  • What symbols does Fitzgerald employ in these final chapters and to what effect? 

  • What is Fitzgerald’s message in the final paragraph of the chapter? Is it ultimately hopeful or hopeless?

  • How do Nick and Gatsby personify the tension between reality and illusion? Is Gatsby ultimately punished for his outlook on life?