The Glass Menagerie

Lesson 6


Students will be able to explain how the author shows that Amanda is disconnected from reality in scene 5.

Students will be able to identify the author’s tone toward the characters.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Question 1

Tom implies that Amanda’s view of Laura is


similar to his own.


unnecessarily harsh.


wildly unrealistic.


factually accurate.

Question 2

The description of Amanda’s need to “make a fuss” in preparing for the gentleman caller mainly serves to


foreshadow the success of the caller’s visit.


provide insight into her need for cleanliness and order.


explain why she is suddenly so busy running around.


illustrate her failure to adjust to no longer being a Southern belle.

Question 3

Amanda says on p. 40 that her only wish is for “success and happiness for her children.” However, her actions throughout the play do not support her words. Explain using evidence from scene 5.

Key Questions


  • Track the multiple methods (her diction, actions, symbols, etc.) used by the author to indicate that Amanda is disconnected from reality.

  • What is the significance of the word "annunciation" being used in connection with the gentleman caller? What does it suggest that Amanda believes about him?

  • How do the playwright's continual references to the father help to convey his tone toward Amanda?

  • How else does the author establish tone?

  • What is the significance of the violin music at the end of the scene?