The Glass Menagerie

Lesson 5


Students will be able to explain how the author develops the thematic topics of reality and responsibility in scenes 3 and 4.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Choose one of the two major thematic topics of the play and explain how the author develops this thematic topic in scenes 3 and 4. Use evidence from the text to explain your view of the author's message about this topic.

Key Questions


  • What is Amanda doing at the beginning of this scene? What does this reveal about her character? The conflict of the play?

  • How does the playwright develop the theme of escape from reality in scene 4? (Pay attention to Tom, the father, conflict with Amanda, movies, etc.) And the theme of responsibility?

  • What message does the playwright seem to be sending about these two themes? How are his answers to the thematic questions similar to/different from your own from day one?

  • What is Tom's dream/desire? How does it compare with his reality?

  • What is the impact of the repetition of the word "fiasco" at the end of scene 4?