The Glass Menagerie

Lesson 3


Students will be able to explain how the author uses symbols and characters to develop the theme of reality.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Question 1

Amanda’s description of women without a career as “little bird-like women without any nest” (p. 16) mainly serves to


illustrate her fears about the future for Laura and herself.


explain her dislike of such women.


provide motivation to Laura to return to school.


reveal her desire for a new career for herself.

Question 2

How does the playwright convey that neither Amanda nor Laura exist entirely in reality? Explain using evidence from the scene.

Key Questions


  • What is the significance of the blue roses and of Laura's actions as described in the stage directions? What does Amanda's membership in DAR reveal about her character?

  • What does Amanda learn when she goes to the business college? Why is it so upsetting to her?

  • What is the irony of Amanda's focus on Laura's "deception"?

  • How does the playwright use this scene to develop the theme of reality? Escape?

  • Does either of the two women exist in reality? Explain using evidence.