4th Grade Literature

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Course Summary

In fourth-grade literature, scholars explore how people form identities, values, and beliefs and how those beliefs and values influence a person’s behavior by reading a variety of culturally relevant and diverse texts. Over the course of the year, scholars explore big topics such as what it means to have good fortune, when an individual should take a stand against injustice, how relationships with others can transform who we are, why it is always important to believe in yourself, and how family motivates and shapes whom we become. It is our hope that through deep analysis and discussion of these themes, scholars will realize that their identity, values, and beliefs are constantly evolving. We want them to understand that despite challenging life experiences and conflicts they face, they can evolve into the individuals they would like to become and accomplish goals they may have once thought were unreachable.

At Match Elementary School, we structure our 70- to 90-minute fiction block so that over the course of a week scholars have a chance to grapple with the text and themes of the unit in multiple ways. We aim to ensure that scholars spend the majority of class time deeply engaged with the text, either individually or as a class, annotating, writing, and discussing key themes and questions. Target tasks are a central part of each daily lesson and offer opportunities for writing and discussion that both deepen students’ understanding of the content and build their writing and discussion skills. These writing target tasks and the longer more focused writing tasks embedded in the units are the primary basis for writing instruction at Match; students do not have a separate writing block.

Standards Overview

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