2nd Grade Literature

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Course Summary

In second grade literature, students explore what it means to be a strong member of a community by reading a variety of culturally relevant and diverse texts. In the first half of the year, students will explore what lessons they can learn from classic fairy tales and how those lessons connect to their own lives and communities. Students will also develop a deeper understanding that it is okay to be different, that it’s important to always be proud of who you are, and that friendships can come in many different shapes and sizes. In the second half of the year, students grapple with what it means to be honest, why honesty is important, and the idea that working together and showing teamwork helps solve problems. Students also explore what it means to show resilience and courage, and how both traits can help someone overcome challenges. It is our hope that this course, in connection with others, will help students develop empathy and respect for people whose background, actions, and beliefs are different from their own.

At Match Elementary School, we structure our 60-minute literature block so that over the course of a week students have a chance to grapple with the text and themes of the unit in multiple ways. We aim to ensure that students spend the majority of class time deeply engaged with the text, either individually or as a class, writing and discussing key themes and questions. Target tasks are a central part of each daily lesson and offer opportunities for writing and discussion that both deepen students’ understanding of the content and build their writing and discussion skills. Strategies learned during the literature block are practiced and supported by other reading blocks during the day (word study, writer’s workshop, guided reading, independent reading, and science/social studies).

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