Your resource for high quality K–12 curriculum

We believe that teachers and their students deserve access to the highest quality instructional materials. Our in-house curriculum team has spent the last decade drawing on their experience as classroom teachers to develop the Match Fishtank curriculum.

We offer our core curriculum in a convenient, openly-licensed format so teachers can use, adapt, and download it for free.

We continually refine and improve our content and tools to reflect the best evidence-based practices and serve the evolving needs of teachers and students.


Rigorous, College-Ready Curriculum

Grounded in best practices for teaching and learning, our curriculum is designed to prepare students for postsecondary success. All our lessons are built around rigorous objectives with target tasks, questions and anchor problems that push students to think critically and make meaning. Our central goal is to help students become excellent readers, writers, problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and community members.

Standards-Aligned Materials

Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Every unit and lesson identifies specific standards that are the focus of instruction. Teachers can search and use our curriculum by standard.

Our curriculum that has been reviewed by EdReports has received high ratings for alignment to Common Core State Standards.

Flexible Content

We believe teachers need the flexibility to adapt lessons to meet the unique needs of their students. Sometimes scripted curricula can curtail teacher autonomy and creativity about how they deliver their lessons. We strive to produce unit plans and lessons that can be easily adapted to fit various teaching styles and classroom formats but still provide a comprehensive road map that ensures teacher and student success. This short video explains more about our flexible content.

Culturally Relevant

We are committed to developing curriculum that resonates with a diversity of students’ lived experiences. Our curriculum is reflective of diverse cultures, races and ethnicities and is designed to spark students’ interest and stimulate deep thinking. We are thoughtful and deliberate in selecting high-quality texts and materials that reflect the diversity of our country.


Match Fishtank was originally founded to share curriculum developed at Match Charter Public School, an innovative, high-performing charter public school, serving students in grades Pre-K through 12 in Boston. Since launching the site in 2017 over one million educators around the world have turned to Match Fishtank for quality curricular resources.

Diverse Student Body

Match’s student population is demographically similar to students in the Boston Public Schools: 23% of students have special needs, 27% are English Language Learners, 59% qualify for public subsidies (such as food stamps), and 95% are Black and/or Hispanic.

Strong Academics

Match has been widely recognized for its ability to remediate academic deficits in low-income students and to prepare students for college. In 2008, the USDOE recognized Match High School as one of the 8 best charter high schools in the country. In 2009, US News & World Report ranked Match High School in the top 3% of US public high schools. Match students' academic ability and results — as measured by standardized assessments, SATs and AP exams — are often on par with their peers in wealthy communities. For the past decade between 85-100% of Match’s high school graduates have been accepted to college.

Low Student Attrition

Students at Match stay at Match, with one of the lowest attrition rates of any public school in Boston.


Throughout the curriculum development process, our curriculum team has drawn inspiration from many educators and organizations.

Match Charter School Teachers

We would like to acknowledge the incredibly hard work of Match teachers and instructional leaders, who teach the curriculum shared on this site and help us continuously improve the course materials. We want to give a special thanks to the founding fifth-grade team (Shanika Bridges-King, Stacey Johnson, Alice Mitchell, Margaret Hoerner) as the Grade 5 Literature and Science and Social Studies curriculum shares some carefully crafted resources they developed for their classrooms.

We would also like to give special thanks to Noel Luciano Quivey for her contributions to our 10th grade ELA curriculum.

Other Open Educational Resources

We are also grateful to the other schools and education organizations that make their curriculum freely available. Our math curriculum is carefully curated with the help of many open-source curriculum resources, which include but are not limited to: