1 - 5 Science and Social Studies

Our Approach

Our elementary Science and Social Studies curriculum does double duty: it exposes students to the core knowledge, skills and habits of thinking needed to be successful in science and social studies, while at the same time honing student’s ability to read and write about complex informational texts.

The following core beliefs drive the decisions we make daily about what and how to teach.


Content Knowledge

We believe that in order for our scholars to become active citizens and make sense of world around them they need to develop deep background knowledge about key historic events, scientific concepts and their own and other cultures.

Informational Texts

We believe scholars need to be able to read, analyze and write about a broad range of informational texts. They need to learn how to “read to learn” while learning to read.

Project-Based Learning

We believe hands-on projects, labs, and activities deeply engage students in the content and teach important thinking and problem-solving skills.


We believe discussion is a powerful tool for testing ideas out and strengthening thinking.

Word Knowledge

We believe in the importance of building word knowledge through both explicit instruction and exposure to content knowledge.

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