K - 12 English Language Arts

Our Approach

In the English Language Arts curriculum, we aim to develop our students into critical readers, writers, and thinkers. We hope to widen their perspectives so that they can better understand themselves and the world around them.

Our curriculum is deeply rooted in the following core beliefs about English instruction: 

Text First vs. Skills First

We believe in the power of rich and nuanced texts to spark students’ thinking.

Content Selection

We believe selected texts must both affirm our scholars’ cultures and expose them to great literature.

Writing Instruction

We believe writing instruction should teach scholars to construct persuasive arguments and express their own voices.


We believe discussion is a powerful tool for testing out ideas and strengthening thinking.

Word Knowledge

We believe in the importance of building word knowledge through both explicit instruction and exposure to content knowledge.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that teachers should cultivate voracious, inquisitive readers, writers, and thinkers.

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