3rd Grade Literature

In this third-grade literature course, students explore the themes of courage and friendship by reading a variety of culturally relevant and diverse texts.

Course Summary

In third-grade literature, students explore the overarching themes of courage and friendship by reading a variety of culturally relevant and diverse texts. Over the course of the year, students will explore what it means to be a true friend, how friendships evolve and strengthen through conflict, and the ways in which friendships can influence our actions. Students will also grapple with what it means to show courage, what types of situations call for courage, and how an act of courage can affect others. It is our hope that this course, in connection with others, will help students develop empathy and respect for people whose background, actions, and beliefs may be different from their own.

Our 3rd Grade Literature course is one component of our complete English Language Arts program, paired with our 3rd Grade Science and Social Studies course and Independent Reading. To learn more, see the Pacing Guide for this course.



Roald Dahl

Students explore how two humorous works of Roald Dahl contain deeper messages about courage, friendship and stepping in to save others. 

19 Lessons


Hispanic and African American Folktales

Students explore the power of oral storytelling in African-American and Hispanic cultures through folktales that have been passed down within families and communities for generations.

24 Lessons


Roman Myths

Students read, discuss and analyze a collection of Roman myths as they learn about the values and beliefs of the ancient Roman Empire and consider the role that myths, gods, and storytelling held.

22 Lessons


Accepting Ourselves and Others

Students explore acceptance of themselves and others in order to start discussions about bullying, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness, and focus on identifying the central message in a longer text.

32 Lessons


Charlotte's Web

Students explore the meaning of true friendship by reading E.B. White's classic novel Charlotte's Web, examining its themes, setting, character and language, and learning to develop empathy for others.

29 Lessons

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