Pinky and Rex

Lesson 19


Distinguish shades of meaning among closely related verbs and closely related adjectives by sorting and interacting with target unit vocabulary.

Readings and Materials

  • All unit vocabulary 

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Target Task


Identify and distinguish shades of meaning among words.



All unit vocabulary

Lesson Guidance


  • The focus of this lesson is to challenge students to interact with unit vocabulary at a deeper level and to notice connections between target vocabulary words. In particular this unit had lots of synonyms for the word said. 
  • Guide students in a sort of the unit target vocabulary words. Potential categories 
    • Words that can be used instead of said. 
    • Positive words that can be used instead of said. 
    • Negative words that can be used instead of said 
  • For each category challenge students to explain the connection between words. When possible, have students place the words in a spectrum to show the nuance between the words and their meanings. Also when possible have students act out the meanings to help illustrate the nuanced differences in words. 
  • After sorting, have students choose three to four words from one category and use them in slightly different sentences.

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Enhanced Lesson Plan

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