The Great Gatsby

Lesson 8 - Discussion & Writing


Evaluate the essential questions of the unit in the context of the novel.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Writing Prompt

Select one of the questions we discussed in class today. In a well-written paragraph, defend your answer to this question. Use substantial evidence from the text.

Key Questions


  • Wealth and Social Class: How far can one go to break boundaries that separate the classes? How far should one go to break boundaries that separate the classes? 

  • Memory and the Past: Is “the past” a boundary we cannot overcome or is the future a boundary we cannot overcome?



  • Today’s class should be largely discussion based on the essential questions of the unit. Students should come to class prepared with evidence to defend their positions on both questions. They might also come to class with their own essential questions based on the novel that can be used for discussion.
  • The teacher may choose to assign a literary criticism such as "'The Great Gatsby': Thirty-Six Years After" by A. E. Dyson for homework prior to the discussion or for use during the discussion to deepen students’ analysis of the novel.