The Great Gatsby

Lesson 6


Analyze Fitzgerald’s use of diction, characterization, and historical context to develop the themes of memory and social class.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Writing Prompt

As we leave Gatsby standing outside the Buchanan house, do you see him as Nick does, as a figure of romantic hope, or as most of society does, as a shady character? Explain your thinking with precise evidence.

Key Questions


  • What does the accident outside the Wilsons’s garage reveal about each of the characters?

  • What does chapter 7 reveal about Gatsby, Daisy, and the supporting characters? Track evidence.

  • Throughout the novel, we have been looking at the contradictions of Gatsby’s character: a man with an “extraordinary gift for hope” or a man about whom the rumors are true. In Chapter 7, once again, we see two sides of Gatsby. What did you identify as crucial points of the chapter that show these sides?



The cartoon The Real Jay Gatsby by Kate Beaton, a Canadian comics artist, could be used today to prompt discussion on both Gatsby’s contradictory character and Fitzgerald’s use of Gatsby to convey his message.