The Great Gatsby

Lesson 4


Identify details from chapter 4 that can support our assertions about Gatsby’s character.

Readings and Materials

Target Task


Writing Prompt

Do you find more believable the evidence for Gatsby as “possessing an extraordinary gift for hope” or for Nick being taken in by a killer or a liar? Explain.

Key Questions


  • Last week, we recalled that Nick described Gatsby as someone with an “extraordinary gift for hope.” What aspects of Gatsby’s character as revealed in Nick and Gatsby’s car ride and lunch also show this gift?  

  • What aspects of Gatsby’s character show Gatsby as the rumors would have us believe?

  • What does the story that Jordan Baker relates to Nick tell us about Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom? 

  • What evidence of the socio-historical context do you see in this chapter? How do these references help to develop theme?