American Literature

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Course Summary

This American Literature course for 11th grade students is grounded in the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, the expectations of the new SAT, and on Match School’s approach to teaching English as outlined in our Program Overview document. Writing, vocabulary development, readings of informational texts, and opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills are all included in the course, with the primary emphasis placed on students’ development of the skills described in the Reading Literature Standards. During this year-long course, students read five novels and a number of paired passages—short stories, poems, and nonfiction—that serve to enrich students’ understanding of the motifs, symbols, and themes of the novels. The texts are thematically linked, and students explore thematic questions related to racism, identity, truth, reality, human nature and the American Dream over the course of the year. The units are designed to be flexible in length, depending on the amount of reading students are expected to do at home.