1st Grade Literature

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Course Summary

In First Grade Literature, students read a variety of culturally relevant and diverse texts that are strategically placed into thematic units in order to build a deeper understanding of an idea or concept. Over the course of the year, scholars will realize that authors often write texts for enjoyment and entertainment but that authors also write texts to help a reader learn and make sense of the world around them. Within the different thematic units, scholars will explore the various lessons they can learn from folktales and stories and how those lessons relate to their own lives, the different roles that reading and books play in people’s lives in communities around the world, and how authors write books that reflect what they are passionate about. Students also consider what it means to be part of a family.

At Match Elementary School, our model for teaching reading in lower elementary is a hybrid of an interactive read aloud and a reading workshop mini-lesson. Our 45- to 60-minute lessons include the strategic teaching of the habits and strategies of good reading while also pushing for deep comprehension of the text. Target tasks are a central part of each daily lesson and offer opportunities for writing and discussion that both deepen students’ understanding of the content and target reading strategy and build their writing and discussion skills. Reading, writing, and discussion strategies learned during the reading block are practiced and supported by other reading blocks during the day (e.g., word study, shared reading, writer’s workshop, guided reading, independent reading, and play-based learning labs).

Standards Overview

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